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Pottery For The Planet

Pottery For The Planet Iced Coffee Cups

Pottery For The Planet Iced Coffee Cups

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A Summer staple, add a 16oz Iced Coffee Travel Cup to your reusable repertoire for irresistible iced lattes, milkshakes, smoothies, cold brew, juices and more. These 16oz Travel Cups are crafted and glazed by our artisan potters passing from their hands to yours! Our range of Pottery For The Planet glazes is full of patterns, pastels and pops of colour for a dreamy drinking experience. With a 100% Silicon Travel Cup Lid, these cups are ideal for drinks to go (but the ceramic body might just make this your at-home staple too)! Each Cup is made of clay ceramic, which will aid in keeping your beverage cool - and thanks to our gorgeous glazes, looking good too! Whether you use yours when you are en route or as part of your work-from-home set up, these Cups are a companion for every sip - hot or cold!


16oz  - height 14 - 15cm, volume - 450 - 500ml, weight - 350 - 550g

NOTE - specifications are approximate. Height includes the lid. 

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