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Drag Board Co Coffin Thruster 7.0

7ft Drag Board Co Coffin Softboard

Your lifestyle choices pushing you to an early grave? But you're way too cooked to take action?! No worries! THE COFFIN 7'0 - Embrace your impending death on this single fin liquid tomb or corpse out finless


About this board:

Construction: Soft
Fins: Included. Twin finbox getup with standard hard SB twinfins supplied
(Compatible with FCS1 fins)

Tail shape: Rounded Square
Dimensions/Litres: 7'0" x 22.0" x 3.125" 72 Litres


  • Style: Softboard
  • EPS Core
  • PE Deck with SPER sub deck compression reinforcement
  • Triple stringer
  • HDPE slick
  • Thruster setup with hard SB fins
  • Finbox compatible with any FCS1 fins
  • Comes with fins!


About Drag Board Co:

Drag came out of nowhere, and by nowhere, I mean the industrial estate just north of Wollongong, which in the grand scheme of things is precisely nowhere. Australian surf culture, and the brands that both funded and reflected it, was once a bastion of larrikinism and authenticity, but as with all things, once they grew and the money got serious, they—almost without exception—sold up, sold out, and lost touch with the culture that spawned them. Brands like Mambo, Hot Tuna, and countless others either went the way of the dodo, or ended up shadows of their whacked-out, brilliant, former selves, sitting on the shelves with a whole lot of other tatt made in south-east Asia at stores like Big W. With the renaissance of Australiana that’s been sweeping the country in the last five years, Australian surfing was crying out for something that it could be proud of. And it came, from all places, a bodyboarding brand from an obscure piece of coast an hour and a half south of Sydney.

Drag came to most people’s attention thanks to their outrageous, cryptic Instagram handle @dragboardco. Never serious, the handle’s a dumping ground for all the obscurities of fringe Australian life, posted in sporadic sprays. A little investigation—and a conversation with one half of the Drag operation, a man who signs off his emails simply, “Maddog”—reveals that the account’s run by a whole clan of mates, and rather than being the result of a stringent social media strategy, it’s more crude photoshop skills and endless in-jokes.

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