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Catch Surf Wave Bandit Performer Tri

King of riding novelty wave's Ben Gravy Bring's you his weapon of choice for all waves of funsequence.

The Wave Bandit Tri FIn infuses a sleek fish shape for down-the-line-speed and drawing out perfect, stylish turns. Now equipped with our hi-performance fin system for added drive in steeper waves and even more speed in the tube. The Tri Fin Performer is your first step toware high performace in Softboards

  • Custom template and rocker for high-performance surfing.
  • Dual-wood stringers and composite core made of high-pressure construction to provide maximum stiffness for speed.
  • Special 4.5" removable and performance fin set.
  • Pro-style leash attachment.
  • Requires surf wax for grip.
  • Designed by surfers in California, USA
6'6 x 22.0 x 3.125"

55 Litre's

White Deck// Pina Colada Slick

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