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Bones Wheels Lockwood Experiment

Bones STF Slims 54mm Lockwood Experimental 103a Skateboard Wheels are made with a substantially higher rebound urethane that is super flat spot resistant for more speed and awesome slide characteristics.

Urethane - STF (Street Tech Formula) is top-quality urethane that offers a very fast roll speed that grips when you need to and slides when you want to. The STF 103a (83b) durometer is the original Bones Street Tech Formula, outperforming the competition by wearing down super well and maintaining their shape and feel for far longer.

Shape - The Slim Shape is a lighter, thinner profile for techy street skating to dial in your triple flips with a slightly lighter set up. The slimmer contact patch allows you a more effortless slide, more responsive fling, and shaves a bit of weight out of your ride for more pop.

Wheel Size -  The 54mm size is a great all-round street and park size to hold more speed in the flats and better momentum in small transition, while offering a quick and predictable pop, with a more stable lock into your grinds. A great size for average to full-sized humans to flip and grind all the street and park features. 

Bearing core -  Center-Set so you can reverse the wheel to save the graphic and help get a longer life out of your wheels as you can rotate them, so they burn down evenly. 

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