Acsod Ghost

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The Ghost is a consistent all-rounder you can rely on for your everyday surf. A little flatter in the rocker, a little wider in the outline, fuller forgiving rails and a little more volume than the White Ferrari. Although these make a more relaxed and forgiving shortboard, the Ghost is still packed with speed, release and responsiveness. Allowing you to surf with a performance approach yet not be punished when a snap or carve is miss-timed. Performance surfing made easier.



The wide point sits slightly forward in comparison to the White Ferrari. This gives you a forgiving front end that maintains its width until it meets the fins. This is where a slight hip sits, creating a pivot point for fast reactive transitions when surfing off the back foot.



A nice medium rocker flows nose to tail with enough curve to fit into more shapely surf, yet low enough to plane and guide through flat sections.



The Ghost starts with a nice flat entry in the nose, which blends into a deep single concave under the chest. We have a shallow single/double concave that gradually tapers off to a flat exit through the fins.



An easy to surf performance board, the Ghost makes performance surfing easier in daily conditions.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to advanced

WAVE TYPE: Everyday beach break conditions

WAVE SIZE: 2-5ft