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Acsod White Ferrari

340 Horsepower. 180 Mph. New paint, new rubber. The White Ferrari, essential for serious shredding. Over 3 years of refinement, the White Ferrari has earned our team contest wins and stellar performances in surf edits like Toby Mossop’s “Planned Obsolescence". Our best performance shortboard to date. Built exclusively for 4ft+ punchy beach breaks, points and reefs, this responsive HP shortboard will have you surfing fast, pushing hard and losing the fins when you want.


The wide point is pulled back from the centre, placing all the drive and surface area between your feet. A narrow nose and tail outline prevent catch upfront and add control and drive in the tail.


A nice full entry rocker seamlessly blends into a medium exit rocker. This creates drive off the back foot while the full entry rocker allows manoeuvrability in steep wave faces.


Starting with a flat entry in the first 1ft off the nose, the concave blends into a subtle single under the chest, deepening into a deep single/double concave through the fins, finishing with a flat exit.


Fast and responsive, the White Ferrari is the go-to board for decent to absolutely pumping surf.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced

WAVE TYPE: Punchy beach breaks, points & reef breaks.

WAVE SIZE: 3-8ft

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