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Acsod Two Fangs

The Two Fangs. A board that all have loved since its inception in 2016. Coming into 2021, we were left with one question off the back of the Two Fangs success. How do we make something great even better? After putting one under the feet of surfing icon Mick Fanning, he had some feedback we couldn’t ignore. “little more lift in the nose and pull the outline in a touch”. These two minor changes were the catalyst of the improvement we were looking for.

The Two Fangs just got better. An already rippable twin is now even more rippable. The same fluid speed and glide of the original design, the same performance flare, yet now with a slight increase in nose rocker and pulled in nose outline. Allowing you to surf tighter top to bottom, wrench heavier arches and make steeper drops than before.


Pulled in nose outline blending into wide straight outline through the centre of the board to the tail. Breaking that width behind the fins with a late flyer. This adds a pivot point to allow fast directional changes off the back foot.


Medium entry rocker for catch prevention and manoeuvrability blends into an extended flat exit that gives you maximum speed drive off the back foot. 


Vee entry blends into a medium single under the chest, transitioning into a deep double concave through the fins, finished with a vee exit.


Our most popular model is now even better than before.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced

WAVE TYPE: Average to decent beach breaks, points & reef breaks.

WAVE SIZE: 1-4ft

RIDE: 5-6 inches shorter and + 2 litres more volume than your regular shortboard.

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